Fuelab Weldable Fabricator Installation Kits for Prodigy In-Tank Power Module Fuel Pumps

Fuelab In-Tank Power Module Weldable Flange Fabricator Installation Kit
Fuelab In-Tank Power Module Weldable Fabricator Installation Kits Further Simplify Power Module Installation and Reduce Assembly Time. We have expanded our revolutionary In-Tank Power Module Fabricator Kit line with the addition of Weldable Flange Fabricator Kits. In-Tank Power Module Fabricator Kits are designed to work with Fuelab Prodigy In-Tank Power Modules fuel pumps and allow installation of the Power Module into steel or aluminum tanks and fuel cells using a unique sealed flange system. This system enables faster installation, with quick and easy service access, and includes an adjustable length pick-up with integrated fuel strainer. Weldable Flange Fabricator Kits further simplify installation, and reduce assembly time, by allowing the user to simply weld the flange system to the fuel tank or fuel cell. Kits are available with an aluminum flange for use with aluminum tanks, and a stainless steel flange for steel tanks. Fuelab Prodigy In-Tank Power Modules are the most powerful drop in fuel pumps available. Developed for racing and capable of street use, these fuel systems can provide fuel for up to 1800HP. The Power Module system provides a clean installation by hiding the straining filter and pump. Installation time is quicker and more affordable, with less fuel system components that require mounting. Previously considered problematic vehicles that are hard to sump, have saddle tanks or otherwise do not have enough room or a good location available for an external pump, now have a viable, simple and reliable solution. Compatible with gas, diesel, E85 and Methanol fuels.

  • Model 20902 Fuelab In-Tank Power Module Fabricator Installation Kit – Aluminum Weldable Flange Fabricator Kit - $104.00
  • Model 20903 Fuelab In-Tank Power Module Fabricator Installation Kit – 18-8 Stainless Steel Weldable Flange Fabricator Kit - $104.00

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