Innovation and Customer Service - It's what sets FUELAB apart from the rest.

Innovation and Customer Service - It’s what sets FUELAB apart from the rest. Recently, we worked with Sherwin from Florida who was looking for a solution for a consistent high flow bypass regulator for Weber carb users out there. He needed a bypass valve that would hold a steady 2.5psi all the time without fluctuating. By re-working an existing design, we were able to create a solution to the problem that Sherwin and many of the Weber carb users out there faced. The FUELAB 51505-3-X-L was born. Here’s what Sherwin had to say about his new FUELAB adjustable fuel pressure regulator:

Hello Rick....Rob....Brian, I installed the 51505-3-X-L today. It performed just like you said it would- 2.5psi all the time. I've attached photos of the regulator install as well as the ‘65 Dodge AWB/AFX that the regulator is installed in. I'll be ordering another one for my next project and I will be sure to spread the word to the other Weber carb users in my area. Thanks again for taking the time with all of my questions throughout the selection and design process. Best regards, Sherwin

If you have a unique problem such as the one mentioned above, and you think others might be having the same issues- be sure to let us know. We would be happy to try to design and/or re-work an existing product in order to meet the needs of a smaller niche group.

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