Fuelab - H/E Series Fuel Pumps

Fuel Pumps - H/E Series Fuel Pumps
Fuelab continues to lead the way in fuel pump innovation. Our H/E Series of brushless twin screw pumps represent a giant leap in efficiency and reliability. These pumps use a lightweight, DC brushless motor to reduce current draw to incredibly low levels while maintaining flow at pressures up to 125psi. Combined with a twin screw rotor pumping mechanism, they offer superior priming capabilities, improved resistance to cavitation, and fuel compatibility with gasoline, diesel, methanol and ethanol fuels.

Compatible with 12v and 16v electrical systems. The 474xx series is a billet aluminum external only pump with integrated controller. The new 208xx series is an in-tank or external version that can be run by existing vehicle outputs for brushless control or any of our 7200x models for external control. Choose from 300, 400, 550 and 625 LPH flow options.

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