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We launched FUELAB over 10 years ago with the idea of introducing groundbreaking technology to fuel system products. Our highly successful Prodigy line of DC Brushless fuel pumps and control devices like our electronic fuel pressure regulator changed the automotive aftermarket. Performance, reliability, and durability became more than just words. They became the standards that FUELAB established in the high-performance fuel delivery market.

But we’re not done yet. Improved technologies, advanced materials, and innovative new designs will push the boundaries of what electronic fuel pumps are capable of. Check back often for a look at what we think will again change the automotive aftermarket forever.

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Fuel Pumps - PRODIGY Series Fuel Pumps
Our PRODIGY line of DC Brushless fuel pumps stand alone as the benchmark of what demand based fuel systems can do. Each PRODIGY pump is hand built, tested and certified at our facility in...More Details »
Fuel Pumps - In-Tank Power Module Fuel Pumps
These in-tank fuel systems bring our popular external fuel pump technology inside the fuel tank, easier than ever before. Developed for racing, these fuel systems are capable of supporting up to...More Details »
Fuel Pumps - H/E Series Fuel Pumps
Fuelab continues to lead the way in fuel pump innovation. Our H/E Series of brushless twin screw pumps represent a giant leap in efficiency and reliability. These pumps use a lightweight, DC...More Details »
Fuel Pumps - Flange Mount Brushless Twin Screw Fuel Pumps
Our new speed controllable, twin screw DC brushless fuel pump is now available for 4” diameter 10 bolt flange mounted systems commonly used with fuel cells or fabricated reservoirs. Able to...More Details »
Fuel Pumps - 494 Series In-Tank Fuel Pumps
FUELAB® high flow, E85 compatible in-tank electric fuel pumps are designed for most popular EFI applications. Compact and lightweight so they’re easy to install in many existing hanger...More Details »
Fuel Pumps - 495 Series In-Tank Transfer Pumps
These Low Pressure, Low current Draw In-Tank Fuel Pumps are easily adaptable for fit any fuel tank or fuel cell. Gasoline and ethanol compatible, these pumps are perfectly suited for transferring...More Details »
Fuel Pumps - 496 Series Brushless In-Tank Pumps
FUELAB 496 Series brushless fuel pumps bring high flow brushless technology in a compact size into the fuel tank.  Designed for high flow, high pressure applications, these 350lph and 500lph...More Details »