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From basic maintenance items to product upgrades, FUELAB has the accessories you need.

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Accessories - Fittings
FUELAB custom AN to ORB fittings are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and are designed to reduce pressure drop. Black anodized with a low profile hex for easy installation in tight fitment areas....More Details »
Accessories - Fuel Pressure Gauges
FUELAB analog pressure reference gauges give you a stylish and affordable option to monitor fuel pressure at the regulator or fuel rail. More Details »
Accessories - Fuel Filter Elements
Fuelab® offers 11 types of filter elements for our 818 Series (3 inch), 828 Series (5 inch), and new 868 Series (6 inch) Fuel Filters. More Details »
Accessories - Fuel Surge Tank Upgrade Kits
Enhance and upgrade your FUELAB Fuel Surge Tank System with these Basic and Premium accessory install kits. Basic kits include billet floor mount bracket, hardware, hose assembly, and 90 degree...More Details »
Accessories - Billet Aluminum Bracket Systems
Get the custom look of billet aluminum brackets for your Fuelab 818 and 828 series filters and Prodigy Series pumps. Brackets feature steel inserts for extra strength, perfect for severe racing...More Details »
Accessories - Bracket Hardware Kits
Replacement regulator bracket and hardware kits for FUELAB regulators, filters, and Prodigy pumps.
Accessories - Diaphragm/O-Ring Kits
Replacement Kits for FUELAB brand fuel pressure regulators
Accessories - Brushless Fuel Pump Controller
Enclosed in a billet aluminum case, this externally mounted Electronic Brushless Fuel Pump Controller operates DC Brushless Fuel Pumps. Available in various speed control options, this compact...More Details »
Accessories - High Flow Check Valves
FUELAB high flow one-way check valves are designed to deliver maximum flow with minimal restriction and pressure drop. Featuring -6AN, -8AN and -10AN male inlets/outlets, 350GPH flow capacity,...More Details »