British Drag Racer Andre Gysler Talks About Racing and FUELAB Fuel Pumps

Santa Pod - Andre Gysler - Fuelab Photo 1 Santa Pod - Andre Gysler - Fuelab Photo 2 Santa Pod - Andre Gysler - Fuelab Photo 3 While not as popular as it is in the US, drag racing does have prominence in the UK. Andre Gysler is a FUELAB sponsored British drag racer, and was kind enough to spend some time with us discussing racing and FUELAB.

Q: When did you start racing?
A: 2012

Q: What got you into racing?
A: Initially, I saw people struggling to reach certain power levels with 3000GTs and GTOs which I believed could be achieved. I exceeded these power goals on a club dyno day and so visited the drag strip to back up the dyno figures with timeslips. I smashed the then current records on my first ever visit to the track…..I was hooked. Later I looked at the ‘old’ HKS drag Series at Santa Pod and again believed I could beat the times that others were doing. That series is now called the Jap Drag Series and I still run in it.

Q: What was the first car you raced?
A: Mitsubishi GTO twin turbo

Q: What associations have you raced in?

Q: What have been your major racing successes over the past 5 years?
A: European records for HP, torque, ¼ mile ET and terminal speed, European standing km. Currently 4th in the world rankings and looking to exceed 200 mph in the km.

Q: What do you like most about racing?
A: Beating the guy next to me

Q: Is your family involved in your racing efforts?
A: As spectators only due to our youngest two sons being autistic, although I have full support from my family in every way they can help.

Q: How long have you used FUELAB?
A: Since 2013

Q: Why did you start using FUELAB?
A: My power goals required a large fuel delivery system and I wanted to go with a large single pump rather than multiple smaller pumps. Fuelab produced pumps that were big enough for what I wanted as well as having an excellent reputation. That plus the car is a road legal car, so their eFPR (electronic fuel pressure regulator) was a very interesting addition to the fuel delivery setup.

Q: Was there a particular problem you were having that FUELAB solved?
A: Yes and no, I had been struggling to stick with dual in tank pumps but was reaching the end of their capability. Whilst switching to a fuel cell, I had to address the fuel delivery system.

Q: How has FUELAB affected your racing success?
A: Fuelab has been nothing short of excellent! As well as great products and innovation, they are always on hand and willing to help design / discuss fueling requirements and solutions. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble.

Q: What FUELAB parts do you use?
A: Prodigy 424 series pump, 82823 75 micron pre filter, 82833 6 micron post filter, 52902 eFPR

Q: What do you see as the primary benefits of FUELAB products and company?
A: The quality of product, support and high end parts availability. That plus the people at Fuelab care.

Q: Where do you see yourself in racing in 5 years?
A: World record holder for ¼ mile ET and TS in a 3000GT/GTO/Stealth. World records for HP and torque in a 3S, still taking the car fishing!

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: Fly fish for the England Lochstyle team, skiing

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