Introducing the Race Car Build Series – A Fuelab Exclusive

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It’s always interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a race car build. Fuelab is proud to be the fuel delivery system of choice for champion racers in the National Hot Rod Association, National Muscle Car Association, National Association of Diesel Motorsports, National Hotrod Diesel Association, FIA World Rallycross Championship, and others. We will be running a series of project articles that feature the vehicles of these prominent racers, and describe the build and installation of various component groups including fuel delivery systems. The articles are intended to be informative, as well as entertaining. Each will go over why the component is being installed, the goals of the project, and if appropriate; how it provides a solution to a problem the racer is experiencing.

The first race vehicle that will be featured is owned by Rob Farley. You might recognize his name – he drives a championship winning (and of course Fuelab equipped) ’98 Corvette in the NMCA LSX Challenge Series. We grilled Rob for a Fuelab Racer Profile posted last week; you can learn more about Rob and his drag racing at However, the feature vehicle for this build article series is Rob’s 1985 Mustang GT. We can hear it now – GM fans are in an uproar! “Traitor!” they yell. Actually, Rob is a progressive kind of guy with no brand prejudice. He grew up in a Ford family, and has always raced Fords, but adopted Corvette into the fold in the early 2000’s. Rob’s family accepts him for this and they continue to celebrate Christmas together. The Mustang GT (named Christine) was purchased by Rob in the late 1980’s and has been successfully raced over the years, including winning a WALLY at Raceway Park in Top Street during the 2010 race season. The Mustang is currently running a carbureted Ford Motorsport 351 Windsor block bored and stroked to a 408 that pushes over 1,000 hp. Other modifications include a tubular front end with a coil over set up.

Rob Farley - Mustang Lifting Tires01Rob Farley - Inside MustangRob Farley - Mustang Engine

Rob plans to race “Christine” in NMRA for the 2015 season, but first is going to make a series of modifications that will increase performance and engine efficiency, improve handling, and make diagnosing electrical problems more convenient and efficient. We will be covering each of those modifications in our upcoming NMRA Mustang Build article series. So, stay tuned to the Fuelab Vehicle Builds website page ( for regular updates.