Racer Build Series NMRA Mustang Build – Fuel System Install – Part 2

Rob Farley - Mustang Lifting Tires01

Rob Farley is currently converting his NMRA Mustang from carburation to an electronic fuel injection system. The engine is a Ford Motorsport 351 Windsor block bored and stroked to a 408 that pushes over 1,000 hp in carbureted form.

To be installed are a FAST EFI system #30400, a FUELAB EFI in-line fuel pressure regulator 52501-2, FUELAB fuel pre-filter #81833-2 10an, FUELAB fuel post-filter #81823-2 10an, and FUELAB Prodigy High Pressure EFI In Line Fuel Pump 41401-2.

Rob Farley - Fuelab Parts
FUELAB parts to be installed

Rob’s briefs us on removing the low pressure fuel pump used for carburation, and replacing it with the FUELAB Prodigy High Pressure EFI In Line Fuel Pump:

Safety is paramount concern! Before I start working with fuel I make sure the power is turned off (or the battery is disconnected) and then drain the fuel from the fuel cell. I did this by loosening connection at the fuel filter and caught the dripping fuel in a funnel, which has a valve to keep the fuel from leaking out.

After the fuel was drained I the fuel pump was removed, followed by removal of the fuel lines. I was able to mount the fuel pump to the existing bracket that I made for the old pump.

Old carbureted fuel pump and filter were removed

New FUELAB Prodigy Pump is in place

Because the new pump is an inline configuration I will need to make new lines. I will make a fuel line to adapt from the filter to the pump – or I may attach the pre-filter directly to the pump. I need to determine that. The fuel lines from the cell to the filters and pump will be -12AN. From the pump to the engine I’ll use -10AN fuel line. Stay tuned for the install!

Remember, it’s important to read the instructions that are included with the FUELAB pump. Depending on the way you set the pump up (high volume/low volume) you will see a graph of amperage draw. This will indicate what size fuse you should use with the proper gauge wire to be used. It may also be a personal preference if you would want to install a relay. I would strongly suggest it as for safety.



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