92902- FUELAB® 1800HP In-Tank Power ModuleThese in-tank fuel systems bring our popular external fuel pump technology inside the fuel tank, easier than ever before.  Developed for racing, these fuel systems can provide fuel for up to 1800HP.   Power Modules, like all Prodigy Fuel Pumps, are compatible with Gasoline, E85, Methanol or Diesel Fuels.  Power Modules can be coupled with Fuelab’s Electronic Fuel pressure Regulator, bringing high flow capacity with automatic demand speed control (no programming, calibration or additional control boxes required).

Our Power Modules work with our unique sealed flange system for fabricators and vehicle specific applications.  These flanges allow for installation of the Power Module into steel or aluminum tanks, fuel cells and factory stock fuel tanks.  This system enables quicker installation, with quick and easy service access.

No more patching and strapping multiple pumps together on a hanger.  No more splicing tee fittings, hoses and wires inside your tank. No more potential engine damage if a pump in a multi-pump set up fails.  Each Power Module includes auxiliary outlets for optional use of jet pumps.  Jet pumps allow transfers of fuel within the fuel tank, for tough situations such as saddle tanks or internal sumps and baffles.

The Power Module system also provides a cleaner installation by hiding the straining filter and pump.  Installation time is quicker and more affordable, with less fuel system components that require mounting.  Previously considered problematic vehicles that are hard to sump, have saddle tanks or otherwise do not have enough room or a good location available for an external pump, now have a viable, simple and reliable solution.

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