Name20911- FUELAB® In-Tank Power Module Mustang GT Installation Kit

DescriptionThis installation kit allows for use of your choice of Fuelab's Power Modules (sold separately). The kit is designed to work with 2005-2009 Mustangs (for vehicles that have the OE single pump system only).

Show Details20911- FUELAB In-Tank Power Module Mustang GT Installation Kit

Item-detailsNo cutting or fabrication is required to allow truly high flow capability without having to resort to expensive multi-pump hanger systems with multiple wires and tees. These installation kits allows a direct installation into the OE Mustang's fuel tank as well as the implementation of a superior rock-steady pressure return-style fuel system. System can be used for continuous duty or racing applications. Included with this kit is a Billet Jet Pump that allows direct plug-in to the factory's internal plumbing. This system draws fuel from the passenger side portion of the saddle tank. The kit also allows for the use of the original OE Module's sub-components for the fuel tank fuel level sensor and connector that easily swaps over. Because of the superior performance of Fuelab's speed control technology, you don't have to worry about tricks such as bending the factory's fuel level sensor to fool the driver into keeping more fuel in the tank to prevent cavitation.

Product Features

  • Fits 2005-2009 GT Mustangs (S197)
  • Incorporates factory jet siphon system and sending unit
  • Includes an integrated 75 micron stainless steel filter sock
  • Requires the use of a bypass style regulator and return line
  • Single Drop in Fuel Pump
  • Seals with Factory o-ring and lock ring
  • -8AN Outlet and -8AN return port
  • Other more complete kits are available for the 2005-2009 Mustangs
  • Installation requires the use of a Fuelab Power Module (available separately)
  • Additional plumbing and electrical items are required for a more complete installation, including return line and independent electrical power system (available separately per Model 21911)

  • 21911 FUELAB Mustang 2005-2009 Wiring/Plumbing Kit

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