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    Considerations in specifying fuel filters include use, flow rate, composition, capacity, filtration rating (micron rating) as well as what type of fuel being used. While most are familiar with using paper or cellulose elements for gasoline, lots of other uses must be considered. Use of straining filters is required for the inlet of all fuel pumps, to have a fine enough filtering to protect the fuel pump, yet coarse enough not to inhibit flow, or capture enough particles to cause a building up of debris.
    Typically these types of elements have micron ratings from 40 to 150 micron rating. The micron rating relates to the size of the smallest particle size captured by the filter. Fuelab recommends the use of 75 micron rating for Prodigy Series fuel pumps (75-150 micron required). Typically OEM straining filters are at a lower micron rating and made of plastic weave cloth. While these types of filters are adequate and desirable for OEM applications, typical aftermarket fuel systems have far too high of flow rate to accommodate this form of straining filter easily. The biggest mistake and almost certain doom for a high flow fuel system is to use a 10 micron filter upstream of the fuel pump. Avoid using integrated screens in fittings, as these screens offer far too little of surface area. See our forum topic under Avoiding Cavitation for more information relating to the importance of using a proper straining filter. For straining filters, the next most critical specification is the capacity or area of the filter element. For rated flow rates above 140 GPH, the model 828xx Series Filter is recommended. See our forum topic under Fine Filters for more information relating to other types of filters.

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