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    Warning: Fuelab recommends using an electronic or transducer based gauge system for readings within a passenger compartment. Component or fuel line failure can result in fuel entering the vehicle’s passenger compartment, possibly causing injury or death!
    Fuelab offers different pressure ranges, depending on application, specifically designed to be installed in the gauge port of the regulator or fuel rail using the standard 1/8-27 NPT port. Special attention must be paid to boost pressure levels. On boosted EFI or Blow-Through Carbureted applications, the fuel pressure increases at a ratio of 1:1 with boost levels. Be sure to have a range adequate for your application. Liquid filled gauges are not recommended, as pressure within its casing can build due to temperature variations, causing reading errors. If your fuel system pressure is unstable enough to require a liquid filled gauge, then you have a bigger problem that should be addressed.

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