What is Cavitation? How to Avoid It.

The most common failure of high flow fuel systems is cavitation, or “vapor-lock”. The combination of too much heat or too much inlet restriction can create this operating condition, where the liquid fuel literally vaporizes (boils) inside the pump assembly. … Continue reading

How To: Accurately Adjusting Blocking Style Fuel Pressure Regulators

Accurate and consistent fuel pressure is critical for maximum and consistent high performance. Therefore accurate adjustment of fuel pressure is critical. This can prove to be a challenge with Blocking Style fuel pressure regulators: Unless proper adjustment procedure is followed … Continue reading

FUELAB Billet Brackets – Extreme Strength and Beauty

FUELAB Billet Brackets provide extreme strength while offering an attractive custom look. Machined from billet aluminum, the brackets are used to mount FUELAB Prodigy Fuel Pumps and FUELAB Fuel Filters, and are offered in a variety of configurations to accommodate … Continue reading

1:1 Boost Reference Fuel Pressure Regulators

In earlier articles we discussed how bypass style, and blocking style fuel pressure regulators work. This is a great article for understanding the basics of fuel pressure regulator function. The articles can be found at http://fuelab.com/forums/forum/customer-support-2/pressure-regulators/ within the “Bypass or … Continue reading

Sales and Marketing Tip – Be Sure Your Customer Has All the Components They Need

When selling a FUELAB Prodigy Series Fuel Pump, be sure to discuss the other components your customer will need for their fuel system. A proper pre-filter, post pump filter, check valve, and fuel pressure regulator are recommended. Pre-Filter Often called … Continue reading

FUELAB Prodigy Model 41404 Carbureted Inline Fuel Pump – Cutting Edge Design with a Built-In Bypass Valve

The FUELAB Prodigy Model 41404 Carbureted Inline Fuel Pump was developed for racing, features a brushless motor for long-life and reliability, and can provide fuel for up to 1800HP. Model 41404 is a carbureted inline fuel pump featuring a built-in … Continue reading